“Some men are so confused”…Dear men, what do you really want?

If they meet a working class lady they will start complaining that she is too full of herself because she is rich she will not respect the man so in that case they are scared to marry her!

They meet a poor girl they will say that she is a liability they need someone that can support them, so in that case no marriage!!

If a girl visit them and help them to clean, cook and wash they will say she is a desperate woman looking for marriage!!!

If a girl visit them and refuses to do anything they will still complain that she is lazy and not a wife material!!!!

If they are having sex and the lady relaxed like a log of wood they will say she is not good in bed. If the lady again show them how to do the real thing they will still complain that she too like sex!!!!!

You ask them for money they will complain that you are too money conscious!!!!!!

If you don’t ask them, they will say you are OSHOFREE.

My dear MEN ………………what do you really want???!!!

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