Son Preference – A Violation of Women’s Human Rights

The issue of son preference is another pernicious violence against women for which the need to protect the girl-child is necessary and desirable in most societies of the world.

In Nigeria, the preference for sons is very prevalent and exists in several cultures as it dates back to pre- historic times and it is tied to inheritance, unfortunately it has not succumbed to societal changes but has remained sacrosanct because of the desire for a son to carry on the family name and guarantee the family lineage.

Someone wrote and I have been laughing👇👇…This is nothing but the truth.

The entire media and blogosphere have been awash with news of Mr Otedola’s Ferrari gift to his three daughters.

Each of the Ferrari allegedly costs $330,000 i.e about N148,000,000.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Nigeria, Mr Chukwujekwu is seriously tormenting his wife for “giving him” only female children.

His family are also adding to the torment, encouraging him to get another wife to give him a male child.

Since she has only girls, it’s as good as their son doesn’t have a child yet. He must have a son to preserve the ‘family name’.

Mr Chukwujekwu’s account balance; N472.71k

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