Time is the impatient hangman of every man.
A dark shadow, stalking us to our captive ruin.

Each seconds it ticks, time diminishes the human element towards inescapable finality. Mortality is our peril. Death, our punisher . So it seems .

The killer of beauty. The killjoy of all beautiful things on earth – people and empires, dreams and hopes, struggles and accomplishments.

I have been contemplating the painful mystery of the macabre since Sunny Odogwu took a bow.

Anioma’s neatest chief is no more. One of her richest sons taken far away forever. What will happen to all his sartorial white and ornate coral beads?

Late Chief Sunny Odogwu.

He left a “paradise”on earth by the Niger – Grand Hotel. Gone yonder without his mega investments all over the world.

As franchise holder of MISS DELTA in the 1990s, I met Sunny Odogwu.He would become a willing benefactor to the pageant, with lavish accommodation and all – expenses paid trips for the yearly winners to exotic locations in Europe and Asia. One, Isoko -born Tina Eruverie later rose from our nurture to represent Nigeria in 1999 MISS WORLD pageant in London.

Odogwu’s public charities are widespread, covering beneficiaries in his immediate environment and far afield.

He played an iconic role in Anioma Renaissance, culminating in the glory of Anioma governorship of Delta in 2015.

Heinous havoc is always the handiwork of death. Where is Sir Dennis Osadebay, Rev. Nwadei Martins, George Orewa, Justice Michael Agbamuche, Chief Philip Chiazor, Ifeanyi Moemeke, Charles Iwegbue, Ras Kimono ……?

Anioma sun is receding but it will never set!

While Anioma nation and indeed the world mourn Odogwu, his well wishers may hearken to Madonna’s song of fortitude in honour of late Buenos Aires matriarch, Eva Peron, ” Don’t cry for me Argentina ” .

Odogwu lived well and died well. Just that death is averse to beautiful things . Very callous and emotionless. So loveless . After all it covered the eyes of Helen of Troy, the finest beauty in legend.

He was named IWEDIKE KA WA ENWE at birth, meaning in Ibo, the envy of the strong man is the way of the world .

But more pertinent is the helpless realism that death is so envious of Sunny Iwedike Odogwu.

But for a man who indulged himself with good life, IWEDIKE could be smiling in tranquil lax at death.

Good night beautiful man !

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674 thoughts on “SUNNY ODOGWU: WHY DO DEATH KILL BEAUTIFUL THINGS? By Norbert Chiazor.

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