The 2018 Victoria’s Secret’s $1 Million Fantasy Bra beautifully blinged out.

There’s a new fantasy in town…

Victoria’s Secret has unveiled their annual “Dream Angels Fantasy Bra” and its shining Swarovski crystals which has a hefty price tag of $1 million.

$1 Million Bra Unveiled In U.S. By Victoria’s Secret

“Angel” Elsa Hosk will don the $1 million undergarment on Thursday during the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the lingerie company announced.

The bra, which also comes with a body chain, is composed of more than 2,100 Swarovski diamonds “and responsibly sourced topaz,” the company said in a news release. It has at least 71 carats on the centerpiece and took over 930 hours to create.

Hosk, a 29-year-old from Stockholm, Sweden, told People on Tuesday that when she tried on the bra during a fitting, “it was just a sensation that I’ve never felt before.”

“My body was violently shaking. And it wasn’t because I was nervous, I was just excited,” Hosk said. “It was a cool feeling that I’ve never felt before. And it was definitely a moment that I’ll never forget.”

She described the lingerie as “very cool, very simple, modern and so sparkly. If I would have designed it, it would have looked just like this. I put it on and I was like, ‘It looks like someone just made magic and put it on my body.’”

While the cost of the brassiere is certainly higher than the price of a traditional Victoria’s Secret bra, the store said a version of the undergarment will be available to customers on Nov. 29 for $250 at select stores and online.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will air Dec. 2 in New York City, United States.

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