The Controversial Security Situation In Nigeria!!!

The Nigerian police are statutorily charged with ensuring internal security and public order. In addition to the police, Nigeria’s intelligence agencies like DSS (Responsible for domestic intelligence), NIA (Responsible for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence operations and DIA (Responsible for military intelligence) are all created to ensure total protection of lives and properties and public safety.

But unfortunately, Despite all these security agencies and many more that i didn’t mention their names that existed in Nigeria and the huge amount of money government centered on them every year through budget which makes our country the biggest spender on defence and security in the whole African continent but surprisingly they failed to do what they are expected to do.





In addition, the previous and present governments has also ensured that our security agents from different agencies receive up to the minute training in counter terrorism and every other capacity building initiative available in the world today for combating terrorism and any act of criminality in this country.

This training according to my covert investigation reveals that it has been continuous taking place both in and outside Nigeria.

My questions that needs urgent answers and clarification from the authorities goes like this:

*Are the kidnappers, arm-robbers and other high profile criminals clearly ahead of the Nigerian police and intelligence agencies in intelligence and deployment of tactics and weapons???

*What are the dilemmas of Nigerian police and intelligence agencies in responding effectively to the criminals security challenges???


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