The danger of using paracetamol to cook meat by most food vendors

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My attention has been drawn to an all-important information of public health importance, that indeed requires public health attention and the urgent need to address.

I was called by a friend recently, Fortunately, he is a Stakeholder in the foodservice sector. He brought my attention to a disturbing information of cooking meat with paracetamol tablet by some food vendors. I shouted. Knowing the health implications and intending consequences.

As a matter of fact, most of the food Vendors that cook MEAT with Paracetamol, may not know they are actually sending people to their early grave. By adopting the concept of “PARACETAMOL MEAT”

It might be surprising to hear that paracetamol is used for cooking meat. Unfortunately, Information has it that most Africa countries such as Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, etc involved in this dirty Ignorant act.

They actually use this paracetamol in cooking meat so as to tenderize the meat to avoid the long hours of boiling in order to meet the increasing demands of their customers.

Realistically, when paracetamol is used in cooking meat, it softens quickly rather than taking so long on the fire to soften.

Dear Friends,
please hear these: this sharp practice may be working smartly for some of these vendors, but it’s important they know that it has some serious health implications.

As a Renowned Consultant Dietitian and Stakeholder in Nutrition and in the Public health sector, I don’t need anyone to know that when such drug is used for cooking, it breaks down into other forms that may not possess its original properties as a pain killer and as well could lead to high acidity – thereby making it dangerously harmful for progressive health.

More so, when this process occurs, this paracetamol drug is hydrolyzed into what is called 4-aminophenol, which is highly very toxic to the kidney and liver.

This is really a practice of Ignorance, So please be careful where you buy food and Advise food vendors in case those of them that indulge in that, so they can be informed and eradicate such practice.

There are so many ways to achieve such tenderizing results, seek information, instead of applying wrong measures which are contributing factors in inducing public health hazards. This is why experts are needed in training most of these people for adequate knowledge for societal benefits.

I therefore call on Government at all levels to prioritize the health of her citizens.

1. Bring Nutrition first as a focal point of interest in policymaking. Professional in Nutrition and Dietetics are in the best position to educate the people including commercial foodservice outlets; since they control very many numbers of our household food service – and as such, possibly regulate her activities in line with optimal health for the people. It’s should be a priority for posterity sake, please…..

Obviously, Preventive medicine should be advocated, it’s best to actualize maximum health. Most especially, now our health institutions are deteriorating every day with less attention. Preventive Measures should be advocated, please. And Best Food practice is the only prevention against diseases, most importantly diet-related diseases…

No doubt, if properly investigated, there could be other ignorant practices like this, honestly, until attention is paid to it by Government at all levels, we will be gradually dieing and closer to our graves than normal, without knowing the causes.

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