The Greater Accra Regional hospital was built by the erstwhile Mahama administration with a $250 million credit facility from the US Exim bank and HSBC Bank.

Greater Accra Regional Hospital at Ridge, Ghana.

Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Ghana.

420 beds, multiple theatres, intensive care units, laboratories, diagnostic units, a 17-suite maternity unit, an oxygen generating plant and a digital system for medical data management that eradicates the use of paper for medical records. It also has a mortuary, a 42-room staff hostel to accommodate utility staff for emergencies, a school for anaesthesia training, a catering department and cafeteria, administration block and two 5,600 KVA standby generators.

One of the hospital wards for patients.
Hospital Hallway

Cost? approximately $250m…..about the same as the Abacha loot Switzerland returned and Buhari shared to “poor” people”

Do the poor need a world class hospital or handout?

Well my own is to post…

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812 thoughts on “The Greater Accra Regional hospital was built by the erstwhile Mahama administration with a $250 million credit facility from the US Exim bank and HSBC Bank.

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