The Sinmo App: The wages of sin are no longer death! Pay for that sin today and be free.

This is contrary to the book of Romans in the Christian Bible which says in Chapter 6 verse 23 that “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord”.

So maybe you’re bored, sitting idly with nothing doing and you just want to commit a crime or indulge in sin, you can book down the sin you want to commit on the Sinmo app. It lets you pay for your sins, and has prices for every sin. This app works just like old Roman Catholic indulgences. The real beauty of this app is how it turns vices into blessings. Everytime you pay for a sin, the money goes directly to the congregation of your choosing.

How to download the app

According to the viral video, God will immaculately inseminate your phone with the app. I have checked and checked the Google Play Store and the internet over and over again but it is not available there. So, for now the app does not exist. Maybe it is all a joke? Maybe the video was just for fun? Or maybe the video is an ad for the real app which has not yet been released. Whatever the case may be, w’ll keep you posted.


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