“There Is No Way A 75-Year-Old Man Like Buhari Can Be Cloned” – Prof Ajayi

For a while, some Nigerians have been peddling rumors that the man in the state house at the moment is a cloned man and not President buhari that was sworn in in May 2015.

President Buhari

The rumor mongers alleged that the person who is currently in the villa is a Sudan whose name is Jubril Aminu. Lol!

Senator Ajayi Boroffice who has a Ph.D in Human Genetics and currently represents Ondo North in the senate, on Monday released a statement, saying that there is no way in the world a 75-year-old man can be cloned.

According to him, for a 75 year old man to be cloned, it would take another 75 years for his cloned body to become effective.

Read what he wrote below;

And A nairalander countered Prof Ajayi’s claim saying…

It is very possible “Honorary” Prof Ajayi.

Snake once swallowed 40 million plus in Nigeria. Chimpanzees embezzled another 90 million plus. Rat once impeached a ruling President from office. A witch once landed from heaven in a police station.

Truth is that why did Buhari spent more than a hundred days in London hospital? No medical treatment can require such a lengthy period. It’s only surgery that can require that and we all can see the artificial hand of foreign medical practitioners in Buhari’s life. We were able to observe all that via his height, skin, speech, composure, reasoning and executive functions.

Cloning a demised elite is an easy science irrespective of the age they died.

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