Today 23year ago Fela Kuti died, A man who deserves to be celebrated. A true icon.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti (15 October 1938 – 2 August 1997)

Fela created Kalakuta Republic- his own little country. It had its own constitution and free health clinic. It offered home to homeless people.

Jailed over 200 times.

At a point, he was in jail for almost 2 years. Fela was an icon and a legend.

The day we ever actually read deeply about Fela, I think we will all never compare him to those who assume that wearing pants and smoking weed is ALL there is to Fela.

Fela was an enigma.
Fela was a music legend.
Fela was a human rights activist.
Fela was an absolute phenomenon.

Fela created Afrobeats- a completely new style of music at a time the world wasn’t really listening to Africans.

That style of music went everywhere all over- that today, there are musicals, movies, documentaries all about Fela.

There’s actually a Broadway Musical about Fela.

Fela wrote columns for Punch and Daily Times newspapers- attacking government, religious extremism, evil multinational companies and addressing the menace of poverty.

If you don’t know who Fela is.
Pls try read about him.

He is a man who deserves to be celebrated. A true icon.

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