Toke Makinwa reveals how she satisfies her sexual urges

Toke Makinwa

Popular media personality Toke Makinwa has revealed the challenges of being single and how she handles her sex life.

Toke Makinwa disclosed this after a fan questioned how she handles her sexual urges bearing in mind that sex is important.

According to Toke Makinwa, as a single lady, she often prays whenever she experiences sexual urges.

The fan asked: If you’re single how do you satisfy your sexual urges? Body no be firewood we all need sex.

Toke Makinwa replied I pray.

Toke Makinwa had clearly stated that marriage is not an important aspect of her life. However, she would like to correct some impressions people have about her person.

According to Toke Makinwa, people close to her or who have been a part of life can attest that she’s shameless, and there’s nothing anyone says about her that she will feel hurt.

She added that people judging her over her crashed marriage or her lifestyle are only getting themselves worked up.

In her words;

I thought I should have a quick chat with you guys. What I am about to tell you guys doesn’t really matter much. Those who know me and have been part of my life will know I am very shameless. I have sold my shame and when you are dealing with someone that is shameless, there is little or nothing that you can say that will get to them cos at the end of the day i own my shit. There is absolutely nothing you can say about me that is new. I think it’s actually disgusting when people constantly ask me and other women, when are you getting married. Why ask such ridiculous questions? Are you guys stupid?, she asked rhetorically.



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