Troglodytes In Power…

Nigeria is a nation ruled by very poor people with money.

They are poor in value, character, duty, empathy, love & compassion.

In 1999, many of the people that complained of leadership have served or are serving now, still no major development.

Our leadership is a reflection of our common values & characters. Leaders don’t fall from the sky, they spring among us.

Nigeria won’t change if Nigerians don’t.

* True wealth is a state of the MIND, not a state of the POCKET.


Here we go…

I was the last passenger to board an aircraft in Yola for Abuja.
Someone was in my seat.
Me: good morning sir. Sorry, this is my seat- 12B.
Big Man: Go & sit in 22D. You can see I’m taking to my friend!
No courtesy, no respect, I just must do as he said because he’s a Big Man!

I could have gone to 22D, but I wanted to cut him to size.
Me: sir, are you mad, drunk or both?
Big Man: What??? DO YOU KNOW I AM (THAT statement!)?
Me: you’re a passenger like me who was assigned a seat but doesn’t want to sit there. Now, MOVE YOUR ASS OFF MY SEAT!!!!

He called the hostess. She recognized him.
Alhaji! Ina kwana?
Big man told her the issue: hostess turned and asked me to please go sit in 22D.
I refused.
Everyone in the aircraft (they apparently knew the Big Man) asked me to go to 22D.
The pilot came out.
He was WHITE…!

Ah! I’m so glad to see you, mate!
Showed him my pass.
He asked for Big Man’s pass.
Pilot: You’re on the wrong seat, sir.
Please come with me….
White man led Black Big Man to his seat.
Big Man didn’t argue. He was meek.
He saw white skin.
And became human.

That is the typical example of the average Nigerian Big Man, who is actually a very poor man with money:

Poor in value, character, duty, empathy, love & compassion, who thinks respect is earned because of his bank balance, not necessarily because of the content of his character.

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