UBER STYLE- Lagos unveils “EKO CAB” APP

So much for us thinking that the regular Uber and Bolt is enough, not knowing the Nigerian government had something else up their sleeve, which explains so much why they have been giving the E-hailing rides a hard time in claims that they are not regulated. And

The Governor of Lagos state, Babajide Sanwo Olu, just made known what they call “Eko Cab” which is a regulated and approved means of transportation by the Lagos state government. This is supposedly intended to to push out the regular e-hailing rides that we are used to.

The Eko Cab platform is for the Yellow Taxis. It also functions just like Uber and Bolt by simply requesting on your phone. There are currently 500 of the verified Eko Cabs in business, reportedly, the Eko Cab drivers would go through a training and recruitment process, and it was during the training that the drivers were all given smartphones, that riders can reach them through.

Eko Cab would not just be limited to Yellow Cabs, but also other who wish to join the platform. As regards to commissions, Eko Cab would charge 15% commission per trip from both yellow taxis and private cars who wish to be on-boarded, as opposed to the 20-30% from both Uber and Bolt.

The cost of each Eko cab ride is based on the base fare, the distance of the trip and total travel time. Users can pay for trips through the apps on their smartphones.

The partnership between the Lagos government and Ekocab could mean that the platform can reap the apparent benefit of the vacuum created by the recent disruption in the sector by the state government.

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