United States Speaks On Atiku’s American Visa Status.

The Cold War thing between pro-visa elements and those against it.

Whatever alarm the Federal Government is raising stemmed from intelligence reports on the dimension the politics of visa for Atiku is assuming.

The United States has stated that the issue of visa for former Vice President Atiku Abubakar is strictly a confidential matter, which the US Government will not discuss in public.

PDP President Candidate Atiku Abubakar

This was made known by the Public Affairs Officer (PAO), US Consulate, Lagos, Brussel Brooks.

He was responding to the controversies surrounding the US visa status of Atiku.

Speaking during an education forum, Brooks stated that the case of Atiku’s US visa status has been an issue in the papers for some time, but the position of the US Mission has “remained the same throughout any discussion of this issue, that visas are a confidential matter.”

He said: “We don’t discuss individual visa’s status of any person, whether it be a highly rated official, a presidential candidate or an average citizen.

“Anyone who applies for a visa should know that there will be some records that are confidential. It is classified as a private document by the United States Government, and we never discuss them now public.”

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