Watch Pastor Wilson Show A Congregant the true meaning of ‘There Is Power In The Tongue’ (Video)

Dr. Pastor David E. Wilson

A new video is currently trending on social media capturing the moment Pastor David E. Wilson was allegedly caught on live camera eating up a woman who is believed not to be his wife’s vagina.

In the now-viral video, the popular Texas preacher was heard speaking in the tongue as he eats the woman out while she, in turn, moan out loudly.

Since the video broke out, many have been saying clearly, the preacher missed his calling as he is destined to be a great pornstar.

Pastor David Wilson: Family Member Says They Don’t Know if Viral Video Is Real

Pastor David Wilson of Texarkana, Texas, has been a pastor for nearly 40 years.

On October 16, a viral video purporting to show the minister performing a sex act on a woman was spread on social media. Speaking exclusively to Heavy a family member says that they do not know if the video is real. The family member said that whoever was spreading the video was trying to become famous off of Pastor David Wilson’s name.

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