“We have decided to stand with the people” – Lebanon’s entire government resigns over deadly Beirut port blast

Lebanon’s entire government has stepped down in the wake of last week’s deadly port explosion in Beirut.

At least 160 people were killed with thousands injured after the huge blast ripped through Lebanon’s capital, Beirut.

We had earlier shared a video of the horrifying moment the huge explosion ripped through Beirut.

The powerful blast on Tuesday shook several parts of Beirut, sending huge plumes of smoke into the sky.

Details would later emerge that the blast was linked to a long forgotten stash of explosive chemicals stored at a port in Beirut, leading to violent protests across the country.

Three cabinet ministers and seven members of parliament resigned last week, and now the countries Prime Minister, Hassan Diab and his entire government have stepped down.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab, addressing the nation on Monday Night in Beirut announced his resignation and that of his government calling the blast a “disaster beyond measure.”

In his speech, Diab berated Lebanon’s ruling political elite for growing “an apparatus of corruption bigger than the state.”

He compared the explosion to an “earthquake that rocked the country” prompting his government to resign. “We have decided to stand with the people,” he said.

Diab, a self-styled reformer, became PM in December, two months after the previous government was brought down.

His government was supported by major political parties, including the Iran-backed political and militant group Hezbollah.

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