When i was Giving millions to Govs to make me APC chairman there was no petition to DSS.

It is no longer news that the embattled National chairman of APC Adams Aliu Oshiomole is at logger heads with majority of the Governors under the APC.

It is alleged that the Governors petitioned the DSS over bribe collected by the APC chairman in the last inconclusive primaries of the party held across the Nation.

Oshiomole sources said has fled to America to evade a clampdown by the EFCC and the DSS.

Our reporter who tried to get across to the APC chairman to hear his own part of the story was yelled at over the phone.

The source who is a personal aide to Adams Oshiomle screamed at our reporter and said Oshiomole was only acting smart and we should stop disturbing his peace over frivolous petitions.

He was quoted to have said Oshiomole was not ruffled with the petitions flying everywhere,insisting that Oshiomole was extorted when he was seeking the chairmanship of APC and only did the needful by demanding for his money back.

He alleged Oshiomole told his aides that it is a case of cunny man die cunny man bury am.

He quoted Oshiomole as saying “When i was giving out hundreds of millions to APC governors to make me their chairman there was no petition to DSS now i decided to collect my money back as APC chairman they have petitioned me to DSS.

Touch me and i would cripple APC
A case of cunny man die cunny man bury am’

The game seems more interesting as the countdown to the general elections begin

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