Why I Cooked Food, Ate In My Victim’s Kitchen During Robbery – Lagos Thief

A suspected thief, Tope Oladiran has narrated how hardship turned him to a thief and why he cooked and ate food at victim’s house during robbery operation.

The 40-year-old man revealed that he was a carpenter before he turned to a thief after he was told to leave his shop because of unpaid shop rents.

He revealed that he has no weapon, but courage has been his only weapon which has made many operations successful for him.

Narrating his last operation which led to his arrest, he revealed that he entered a woman’s house because he noticed she was living alone, after she entered the house through the fence, he entered her room and requested for money which the woman refused to give.

After attempts to collect money and nothing was provided, he decided to enter her kitchen and found two pairs of turkey in the fridge and brought them out to cook.

He was cooking it when he noticed that the woman has escaped to raise an alarm, so he ran away.

There’s a guy in the video whose name is Jamiu Ogunwale where He do sell stolen phones and laptops to. The guy was arrested too.
The guy said after buying stolen properties from Tope three times, he realizes that Tope do steal them. He couldn’t stop buying from him because he knew even if he stops buying from him, one day when he ‘Tope’ is arrested, he will mention him.

That day he was arrested, Tope called him to meet him somewhere that there’s a laptop for sale. When he got there’s he saw someone grabbing him inside a car and when he looked inside the car he saw Tope. That was when he realized that he’s being arrested by police.

Tope says when his mom was called to tell that he was arrested, his mom asked what happened. When she was told that he ‘Tope’ was arrested for stealing, the mom developed HBP and currently in the hospital.

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