Why Sex Is Not That Important In A Relationship By Ngere Ify Davies.

People in relationship must know that sex, though important, is not the most important thing in a relationship.

For a lot of people, without sex, there can be no relationship. On the list of things that make a relationship blossom, they place sex alongside communication and trust. Sex is truly a massive way to express feelings if you’re tired of using words. It makes you and your partner feel close, both physically and emotionally, and is also an effective way to prove your love. But unfortunately, terrible sex or even a lack of sex can be enough reason for a break up. In many cases, a sex life that leaves a lot to be desired can be caused by other issues in that relationship.

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Ask yourself, How are some couples in loving, healthy relationships without sex? Is it actually possible to be fulfilled in a sexless relationship? How does a relationship like this feel like? And why would anyone ever want a relationship without sex? I answer these questions below:

1. Sex Is Not A Chore
Imagine this scenario, you are so tired, and the last thing you would like to do is have sex. But your partner is horny, and you feel bad for not responding. So what do you do? Many might opt to have sex, so their partner is satisfied, even if it is not what they wished to do. The reason for this is because we see sex as one of our relationship responsibilities. We think it should be done daily, or else the relationship will crumble. With this mentality, sex can become a routine act where you do the same positions over and over again with no emotions or passionate intimacy. Imagine you and your partner deciding you won’t just have regular sex, and you’ll only do it when you really, really feel like it. When this happens, you’ll both be happy about it, and it will be so much more passionate and meaningful.

2. There Are Other Aspects To Focus On In A Relationship
Remove sex from a relationship, and it’s a lot easier to notice other aspects you can focus on, both good and bad. Sex is so big for some that they will pretend to not see problems in their relationship and just focus on how good the sex with their partner is. In the same way, when the sex is poor, you might not bother to consider all the other good things that make your relationship work.

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3. There Are Other Intimate Ways To Thrill Him Or Her
Sex is cool, and it can be one of the most important things you do with your partner, but so people in a relationship seem to make the mistake of having no knowledge of all the other ways you can be intimate and physical with your partner. Most times, we just focus on penetration and don’t pay that much attention to anything else. Kissing, cuddling, touching, massaging are great options that don’t necessarily need your sexual organs. Even just sitting close to each other and holding hands can be romantic and intimate.

And of course, other fun things can be enjoyed with your partner, like exercising together, taking a class, cooking, and going out on more dates.

The road to a happy relationship is doing what you both love. If sex isn’t that key to either of you, why put yourself through the stress of doing it all the time? Simply ignore what everyone has to say (Don’t ignore me though…lol) about what a relationship should be like, and do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

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