Why Wouldn’t Child Of Senate President Go To The Market With Senate Official Car.

Sooner than later, the child of a Senate President would ride in the official car of the Senate President without the Senate President in it with the pace at which we’re moving.

It is laughable and condemnable that it is perceived right for the President’s daughter to make use of a Presidential jet for her personal engagement.

Ideally, Hanan Buhari shouldn’t have been seen near the Presidential jet not to talk of entering it.


Presidential jets are meant for the official engagement of the Presidency.

Who are those that constitute the Presidency?

The President, the VP and probably the Senate President and the Speaker.

The privileges of being in the Presidential jet cannot be extended to any of the President’s relative as they do not have any business with the State and the State does not have any business with them.

Government exist for the State and not the State for the government.

The personal engagement of the Presidency should not have anything to do with taxpayers’ money i.e the citizens should not be made to carry the burden of the President or any public office holder.

It is sheer recklessness on the part of the President to have allowed his daughter make use of the Presidential jet.

It is annoying that this is coming from a government that came into power with the change mantra with Nigerians believing that they have left their old way of life of executive recklessness and grand-corruption.

The Presidency, rather than validate such a brazenly stupid act by Hanan owe Nigerians an apology.

The culture of adhering strictly to protocol and due process must be reinforced.

The attitude of government officials riding government vehicles while they are not on official duty must stop.

Let discipline prevail!

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