‘You’re A Walking Corpse’ — Twitter User Threatens To Kill Kadari Ahmed For ‘Converting To Christianity’

Twitter user with the name ‘Amb Abdularahman Yahaya’ has said that journalist Kadaria Ahmed does not deserve to live after “converting from Islam to Christianity” — although SaharaReporters can confirm that Kadaria is actually a Muslim.

Yahaya, who tweets @cardinalabdul, made the comment on Thursday morning, as part of a series of expletives he has directed at the journalist since the weekend when she described AbdulAziz Yari, Governor of Zamfara State, as “the most useless Governor in the history of Nigeria”.

Kadaria Ahmed had so described Yari while addressing pressmen in Abuja during a protest against the ineffectiveness of both Zamfara State government and the Federal Government in halting the spat of killings in the state.

Since then, Yahaya has dedicated his Twitter account to hurling abuse at the journalist.

In one tweet, he wrote: “Kadaria, you called our beloved governor useless, you’re the most idiot, selective, undesirable journalist in the history of Nigeria [sic].”

Channels TV presenter, Maupe Ogun has come to the defence of journalist Kadaria Ahmed after a man claimed she has stopped being a Muslim.

She added by clearing the air on claims that Kadaria is no more a Muslim:

To clear the air so there’s no confusion:@KadariaAhmed is proudly Moslem. She’s not changed faith nor has she indicated a desire to do so. I am Christian & I know Christianity and Islam uphold the sanctity of human lives which is what the protest on Zamfara is about.#StayFocused

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